“God, I’m so FAT!  *sob*”

As you may have read somewhere, #1 ranked featherweight Jose Aldo recently turned down the idea of a fight with Kenny Florian at 155-lbs.  Apparently Kenny ain’t letting him get away that easily, because he now plans to drop to 145 and chase Aldo on his own turf.  Dig it:

“I started playing around with the idea: could I make 145? Originally, I didn’t think it was possible,” Florian. “I spoke with a few nutritionists, got their opinions, told them what my body fat was, my walking-around weight, all that stuff and the general consensus was that it was very possible.

“I put a lot of thought into it, spoke with my coaches and everybody involved and decided that I am going to try it. I’m going to go for it.”

Though his long-term dream is to win both the 145 and 155-lb belts, to Kenny’s credit, he’s not arrogant enough to think he deserves a shot at the featherweight strap right off the bat.

“He’s not going to get a title shot at 145 directly,” Kawa said. “We’re asking for a top guy, and then maybe after one or two more fights, he can get a title shot.”

Kenny says he’s already received the blessing of the Zuffa brass, so it sounds like this is for real.  Remember, this is a guy who made it to the finals of TUF 1 at middleweight, then had two fights at 170 before dropping to lightweight in 2006.  At this rate he’ll be fighting at flyweight by the time he retires.  He isn’t exactly beefy at 155 to begin with, so I’m a bit scared to see what he’ll look like 10 pounds skinnier.  Karen Carpenter says stop the insanity!