Here’s a pic via Ariel Helwani’s tweeter. Now that we’re on FOX, moar dudes behind sportsdesks going derp a derp! WHOOOOOOO YEAH WE’VE GONE MAINSTREAM MOTHERFUCKER!

Here’s a link to the streaming press conference video.

Programming breakdown thus far:

-4 events a year on FOX
-32 events a year on FX (24 episodes of TUF, 2 TUF Finales, 6 Fight Nights)
-2 seasons of TUF a year on FX
-The Ultimate Fighter will be ‘live on FX’
-Every Friday night there’ll be live fights
-‘Digital assets across all networks’
-Fuel will be the home to pre and post fight shows (and ppv countdowns?)

TUF will now be on Friday night, meaning ‘UFC every Friday night’ = 13 episodes of TUF per season, two seasons a year, and 6 UFC Fight Nights a year. I’m kinda sad we don’t get a Fight Night every week 🙁

Sounds like the UFC gets to keep it’s precious control over the production of it’s content.

The first event will be on FOX Saturday November 12th in Anaheim.

This is a 7 year deal.

Fuel will remain Fuel, this is a straight up rights buy. Although ‘there was talk’ at the beginning.

The Spike pre-PPV prelims will now be on Fuel

Mainstream reporters are taking a dump on the UFC so far. First two questions were basically ‘How are you going to sell advertising when so many advertisers think the UFC is barbaric?’ and ‘You said this was going to be historic. You lie!!!!’

Dana: ‘Everything is going to change, including the PPVs’

Lorenzo: ‘We’re going to deliver big fights on FOX’

Lorenzo again: ‘We put on great fights. We promote great fights. We’re not in the business of running a network’

Asked about the deal being worth 90 million: ‘We never talk about how much we pay’

Dana just confirmed: THE GLADIATOR IS GOING AWAY! What’s next? The end of Bring the Pain???

Fox executives kinda dodge talking about how much promotion will be done on other properties like NFL broadcasts and FOX flagship programs like American Idol.

Fox suit: There’s an 80% overlap between the UFC and FX’s audience so I’m sure we’ll be able to do a lot of cross-promotion together.

And the press conference is over. Stay tuned for the Incredible Expanding UFC on FOX post to explode once again as the reporters on location talk to all the FOX and Zuffa peeps one on one and start posting that shit up.