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The post-event media scrum and press conference, via MMA Heat. Not only are they getting these videos up  faster than everyone else, they’ve started streaming a lot of it live on their Youtube channel.

With the Olympics breaking ratings records left and right, a lot of hay was made over how the UFC on FOX would fare. Overnight numbers are out and the UFC brought in 2.14 million viewers compared to 26.08 viewers for the Olympics.

As for how this show compares to past shows, UFC on FOX 4 sits right around the same place UFC on FOX 3 did (which pulled 2.25 million viewers). Still not the kind of major network numbers the UFC wants to be pulling, but Dana claims FOX is in this for the long haul and they’ll keep tweaking and (hopefully) growing.

The good news is every amazing night of fights is a victory for the company. The bad news is if Griffin vs Bonnar happens and only 2 million people see it, does it make an impact? A philisophical question for the remainder of 2012, as the next FOX event features a headline fight between Bigfoot Silva and Travis Browne.

Jamie Varner sure did earn his 50k FOTN bonus. He broke his hand halfway through the second round and just kept on coming:

“Looks like I broke my fourth metacarpal, just broke it. You can see the knuckle’s gone. One of my right hands I landed, it was gone, it hurt pretty bad,” Varner revealed when speaking to Fuel TV after the fight, showing a very swollen hand.

“In the second round, I slipped his jab came over with the overhand right and I hit the top of his head, and I felt it right away.”

The broken hand took away Varner’s most potent weapon on the feet.

“I told my corner after the second round ‘hey, my hand’s broken,’ they’re like ‘alright, we’re going to have to take him down then.’ The takedowns worked well until I got reversed into the triangle,” said Varner.

Want gifs? Since the UFC fun police shut down Zombie Prophet, my new go to place is Angry Black Man’s tumblr.

As if it wasn’t obvious from Machida’s slick KO vs Shogun’s sloppy brawl, Dana White lays out his reasoning for Machida getting the title shot:

“His management has been all over me, terrorizing me to get him back to the title. What I can tell you is he wants it bad. That’s very important to me – how bad a guy actually wants that fight – and Machida wants it bad,” White said.

“I’m sure Lyoto has lay in bed every night since that fight thinking of all the things he should have done and what he could do and what’s possible. Now he’s got it, so we’ll see.”

White also noted that “leading up to this fight [with Brandon Vera], Shogun did turn down a fight [with Glover Teixeira]”.

Man, Shogun is never gonna live down that Teixeira ducking.