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Dana Sez time! Dana White softens his stance on the possibility of a UFC return by Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson:

“We’ll see,” he said of Johnson’s potential return. “I like the kid. It’s not like I don’t like him. I want to see him make weight another time and then we’ll (decide). I don’t care what weight he’s at as long as he f—in’ makes weight.”

White is also (unsurprisingly) open to the idea of a Jones / Sonnen fight:

“He’s going to call out Jones, there’s no doubt. He’s very good at … everybody talks about him talking his way into fights, but you know that guy’s going to show up to win,” White said at the UFC 152 post-fight press conference.

“I can tell you right now I think they both want that fight. I just think there’s other fights that make sense.

“People do want to see (Jones vs. Sonnen). I don’t know. Who knows? People do want to see it. If enough people do want to see it, I guess I’d have to make it.”

During last night’s press conference, Dana White went on a couple of rants. One of them was about the breif periods of booing during the flyweight championship fight:

“Let me tell you what: If you didn’t like that flyweight fight, please, I’m begging you, don’t ever buy another UFC pay-per-view again,” he said. “Don’t ever buy another one. I don’t want your money. You’re a moron, you don’t like fighting and you don’t appreciate great talent or heart if you didn’t like that flyweight fight.”

Fair enough, I guess. But fans are never going to go crazy and cheer for the guys who use a hit and run strategy. No matter how well they execute it.

He also blasted the shit out of a reporter named Steve Simmons for an article syndicated in Canada called ‘UFC looking like a Jugger-Not.’ You can read it here and while it is kinda dickish, Steve isn’t as wrong on the facts as Dana would have you think.

Dana White sorta discusses his talk with Jon Jones:

“We had a great talk (Friday),” White told a small group of reporters following the post-event news conference for UFC 152. “I’m not going to talk about anything that we talked about yesterday – we both kind of shook hands as men and made a couple agreements to each other that I will keep, and hopefully he’ll keep his, and we’ll have a great relationship.”

“Jon’s made some mistakes. He has,” White said. “And now it’s time for him to fix them. He’s going to be around for a long time. He’s not going anywhere unless he does it to himself. Driving while intoxicated is a big mistake, the way the whole thing went down with UFC 151, and then whatever the reason is that fans are negative toward him as it is, calling him fake or phony or whatever.”

“As Jon continues to win more fights, continues to feel comfortable with who he really is, I think he’ll get better all around – publicly, his image, his fighting,” White said. “There’s times he just feels he’s not comfortable with who he is as a fighter – and he really is a good guy. He’s not a bad guy. And you know me. If things go south and I don’t see eye to eye and things aren’t really right, I’ll let you know.”

There was also a humorous moment at the post event press conference where he said the talk with Jon went much better than the talk with Jones’ mother.

White also dropped a hint that Bisping was on the verge of a title shot:

“Me and (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva were talking earlier tonight, and I said, ‘I think a fight with Bisping and Anderson (Silva) is an interesting fight.'”

I’m thinking they make him fight the winner of Weidman – Janitor with the winner getting the next title shot after Georges officially ducks Anderson.

27 pictures from UFC 152 via The Canadian Press


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Jon Jones in a sling from the UFC 152 post event press conference. No official word on wassup with his elbow but the early word being thrown around by what I have to assume are UFC doctors is ‘some nerve damage.’

Nice try, gypsy curse lady.

175 pictures from UFC 152 via UFC.com

And of course you haven’t properly enjoyed UFC 152 until you’ve seen it through the lens of the best photographer in MMA, Esther Lin. Her gallery is here.

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When asked what’s next, Jon Jones says he has unfinished business with Dan Henderson.

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The full UFC 152 post event press conference.

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Vitor Belfort mentions rib and foot injuries he carried into the fight with him. No mention of Ron Kruck’s broken hand though…

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