“Stop fuckin with mah hat, y’all. I’m trying to watch the dang fights!”

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As if you needed confirmation that Jarad Hamman’s leg exploded during his fight with Michael Kuiper…

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Awards are out and Donald Cerrone is the Joe Lauzon of the night with both Fight of the Night and KO of the Night honors. Sub of the Night went to Dennis Bermudez by default since he had the only submission on the card. Competition was a bit fiercer for KO of the Night. I bet Erik Perez is wondering how fast he’s gotta knock someone out in to get some respect around here. And Michael Kuiper bombed the shit out of Jared Hamman’s head for a round and a half before putting him down in brutal fashion. Let’s hope the locker room checks are flowing freely tonight!

(click for full size. that face.)

Esther Lin’s UFC 150 gallery is up! So is the UFC’s. I’d include a photo from theirs but the stern copyright warning under every image makes my anus pucker in fear.

Fightmetrics are out for those of you still arguing over who really won that fight.

Manager fight! During the post-event press conference, Frankie’s manager punched Bendo’s manager in the face.

[youtube 2ptcFp5JA94]

The Dana White media scrum.

[youtube W6r4G7z2mRE]

And the Ariel Helwani interview.

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