There’s a lot of cool people doing a lot of cool things with MMA on tumblr. jillsandwich is one of them.

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[youtube s4Ic_tppSho]

Via CageWriter, Marcus Brimage and Maximo Blanco held an impromptu cage gymnastics performance after their fight. Sometimes these things happen in MMA!

Gordo provides us with the Rothwell Shuffle

..and Schaub going to lala land.

Video: Jon Jones se mantiene el campeón

Fox Desportes has yer UFC 145 highlights, if you’re willing to sit through a 30 second salsa commercial.

The striking sheet from Fightmetric’s Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans report. It confirms that Rashad Evans ate a lot of shots to the face.

There’s more at the Fightlinker Tumblr.

Eddie Yagin lookin slightly horrorshow. Waiting on FOTN confirmation.

According to Karyn Bryant, Brendan Schaub is considering a drop down to 205.

The next generation of bantamweights are here and that’s bad news for old guard like Miguel Torres.

[youtube KdHQEG8J6KI]

Zombie Prophet as always has the market cornered on giffage. Check it all out at Iron Forges Iron.

Travis Browne earning his 65k SOTN. (pic via That’s Shaq)

Check out MMA Fighting’s gallery right here. Above, Brendan Schaub gets comeback’d again.

Odin bless Iron Forges Iron for things like this.