This should be entertaining: The IFL is going to try and do a live show on MyNetworkTV. On the surface this sounds like great news: we get to see the IFL Grand Prix live on network television. But don’t get too excited because you don’t really get to see the event. You get to see maybe three fights. Because even though the show will be live, it will still only be one hour long.

I’ve always been impressed by the IFL’s ability to fuck up even the best of ideas. Good idea: Showing an event live. Bad idea: Showing 1 hour of an event live. It will also be interesting to see how ‘together’ the IFL is technically. Can they pull this whole thing off without it turning into a gong show? Trying to crunch three live fights into one hour when the UFC has a hard time with 5 over two hours should be interesting to say the least.

I’ll probably tune in just to see if it beats K1 Dynamite USA for poor execution.