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The great deception

Dana White didn’t just mess with Urijah Faber’s head leading up to the announcement of his TUF replacement fight. He was also stringing along Brad Pickett, Michael McDonald and Ivan Menjivar:

“So I lied to him,” White admitted. “This show, even though it’s not live, we want to break some [news] on the show. With you [expletives], it’s tough to do. You’re out looking for the next big (scoop). I knew if I told him, he’s going to tell his camp. His camp is going to go tell this guy and that guy, and that’s how this thing going to get out. So I said, ‘You’re fighting Ivan Menjivar.'”

So when Barao, not Menjivar, emerged from the backstage area during the recent “TUF” episode, Faber was legitimately surprised.

But before White brought Barao to Las Vegas for the announcement, he also told fellow contenders Menjivar, McDonald and Pickett to prepare for a possible trip to Sin City.

“We had Menjivar, Barao, McDonald and Pickett all thinking they were flying to Las Vegas,” White said. “Menjivar actually thought his tickets were being booked and he was coming to Las Vegas. When Barao was announced, [Urijah] had no idea. That’s why I said, ‘Sorry bro’ (during the episode).”

As for what Urijah Faber thought of the whole situation…

“I thought Dana was kind of being a weirdo,” Faber said. “He didn’t need to lie to me about anything.”

The big mistake here was Dana lied to the wrong people. If he wanted to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, he should have just planted stories with the press. One outlet gets told it’s Menjivar, another gets Pickett, and maybe a third gets Barao. The whole reveal ended up being kinda pointless because while he had Faber duped, everyone else and their dog had already determined via common sense that it was gonna be Barao.

It’s probably a good thing Dana hasn’t gotten a handle on this lying thing. Us MMA ‘reporters’ have a hard enough time getting the stories right as it is.

  • agentsmith says:

    Pickett just lost to Barao 2 fights ago, it doesn’t even make sense to have his name in the conversation.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    so he basically hid a fight nobody cares about

  • Remico says:

    This whole thing is so fucking stupid and it’s reminiscent of Dana’s bullshit “we expect you to fight 3-4 times in 6 weeks for free and kiss our ass thanking us for the opportunity to be here” TUF 1 speech.

    If anything were just in this world the spineless mma ‘media’ would call him on this shit whenever he opened his fat yap belching his rhetoric about how he cares for fighters.