It finally happened: Anderson Silva clowned the wrong guy and paid the price for it. Halfway through the second round the Spider was in full showboating mode, waving Chris Weidman forward and mocking his attacks. It was during one of these little performances that Anderson got taken out – Weidman hit Silva with a right and Silva pretended to go all wobbly legged. But Weidman didn’t let up and attacked Anderson until he was bent back like a limbo dancer and then cracked him directly on the jaw.

Silva went out and dropped to the mat, his head bouncing against the canvas. Several unanswered blows later and Silva was holding onto the ref’s legs while Weidman did a victory lap.

So in the end it wasn’t a loss of speed or being put on his back that ended Silva’s run, but pure hubris. It’s a sad way for the world’s pound for pound #1 fighter to go out. At least Fedor got legit submitted in the heat of battle. Anderson said his legacy was set and true enough, no one can take away the amazing run he had. But the way things ended tonight will forever be attached to that history as well.

What’s next for the Spider? He was purposefully vague in that regard, saying only that he had no interest in a rematch with Weidman and his time as middleweight champion was over. You almost get the feeling that he was relieved to no longer have the weight of the UFC strap around his waist, constantly forcing him to fight whatever contender (worthy or not) the UFC wanted to put in front of him every four months. Now he is free to pursue whatever oddball fights he wants in whatever timeframe suits him – Roy Jones Jr and Frank Mir, watch out.

In the end, I doubt even Anderson himself really knows what will happen now. He may wake up tomorrow and realize what occured at UFC 162 needs to be rectified. Or that the loss was the result of a loss of passion and it was time to hang em up after all. Such is the uncertainty one lives with when dealing with an artiste such as Anderson Silva. I can only hope that whatever path he chooses now, he decides to travel with a bit more humility than he did tonight in the cage against Chris Weidman.