Sherdog has a very interesting interview with Anderson Silva discussing his decision to retire. Here’s what he said: he’s got six fights left on his contract and he hopes to have them done with by June of 2009. After that, he’s done.

Everyone freaked out a few weeks back when the same general terms came out but I think a lot of people assumed it was just Anderson being a impulsive bitch like so many other fighters are. Unfortunately for us, his retirement is part of a long term life plan – I know … who knew fighters had those? And unlike so many other fighters who’s extravagant lifestyles require the regular infusions of cash provided by prize fighting, I don’t think you’re going to see Anderson Silva running out of money any time soon.

It will be interesting to see if Anderson Silva manages to get six fights in by June … that’s a pace of one fight every month and a half. That signals a pretty entertaining run … let’s just hope they line him up against guys like GSP, Quinton Jackson, and Chuck Liddell rather than more chum like Patrick Cote.