Whenever the UFC fires someone, Dan Hardy is usually one of the first people to find out. Why? Because within 10 minutes of the news breaking, someone will without fail tweet “Why @UFC fire @jonfitch when shitjockeys like @danhardy keep job??? Abortion! die in a fire @danhardy!” God bless you, Internet 2.0. You connect people in magical ways.

So I think we can all agree that Dan has some unique insight in the discussion on the UFC’s ongoing purge of over 100 fighters. Here he is talking to Pro MMA Now on the subject:

“I know the UFC are getting rid of a bunch of guys, and I know that they are disappointed with the way that people are stepping into the Octagon. Maybe it’s just a shake-up, maybe they are just trying to show people that we are in the entertainment industry as well as a professional sport. When people pay a lot of money for a ticket they want to see a performance, and some people are coming to get a pay check and it’s kinda disappointing.”

This kind of talk echos similar comments from Dana White regarding his desire to see fighters ‘putting it on the line’ and Strikeforce fighters being ‘hungry’ and forcing UFC guys to take their game to another level. Whether you agree with that point of view or not is irrelevant – until you find a wish granting genie, it’s Dana White making the choices and not you. And currently, Dana White has taken a little bit of a ‘Just Bleed’ approach to fight appreciation.