Okay boys and girls, do we got a contest for ya! Tapout and D&E Entertainment are giving out prize packs from the Matt Hamill biopic film The Hammer, and we’ve got three you jackals could win should you decide to participate in our challenge.

As you probably already know, Matt Hamill is the first and only deaf fighter in UFC history and his story is pretty damn inspirational. So we thought what better way to pay tribute to him than to invent some new sign language that will allow the deaf community to discuss MMA more easily. Rather than having to sign out ‘Matt Hamill vs Mark Munoz’, why not use this new sign instead?

Or for the Matt Hamill vs Michael Bisping fight:

Our challenge to you: send us pictures or video of your new sign language creations that depict fights from MMA history. They don’t have to involve Matt Hamill but I won’t lie to ya, it’ll probably help you win swag. What kinda swag? Checkit:

Yep, it doesn’t get much fang skull fire screamy than this Tapout shirt, which is guaranteed to make your neighbors think you’re a Satanist or something. As well, you get some badass Hammer posters. Next time you’re feeling down about how things are going in life, you can look at them and know someone who had it much harder than you still did way better.

So send in your hand gesture pics and videos to [email protected] or post them in the comments section below! We’ll be posting them up over the course of the week with the winners being announced on Friday afternoon!