Sunday night is UFC on Versus 5, better known to those who don’t numerically catalog all events as UFC Live: Hardy vs Lytle. There’s a ton of shit going down on this card and what better way to find out what to look for than with this Fightlinker guide?? After the jump we go through the big angles coming into the event, some of the stars stuck on the undercard, betting odds, and our fight bonus predictions!

What matters

Dan Hardy needs a win: Dan Hardy is everything the UK needs in an MMA superstar. He’s entertaining, he’s exciting, and he looks the part of a badass Brit fighter. The only thing he’s missing is the ability to win in the UFC. Granted, he’s faced a murderer’s row of talent at 170 over his past three fights. I don’t know many people who thought he was gonna win his fights with GSP, Carlos Condit, or Rumble Johnson. Now he gets a fight against talent a bit more towards his skill level. How he does tonight will give you a good idea of where the rest of his career is gonna go.

The WEC litmus test: We’ve had some UFC vs WEC fights already and they’ve been pretty even matched thus far, but tonight we’re going to see some of the best from the WEC face off with the best from the UFC. All that talk about the WEC’s lightweight division being second tier will be tested tonight with Donald Cerrone against Charles Oliveira and Ben Henderson vs Jim Miller.

Amir Sadollah’s next step up: Sadollahs career has been handled with kid gloves thus far and next in his slow progression up the welterweight ladder.

On the undercard:

Joseph Benavidez: This is where it sucks to be a lighter weight fighter. One day you’re headlining events and the next you’re stuck on the undercard with little to no hype. But even though Benavidez will be floating around in a limbo zone for a while since he lost his title fight with Dominick Cruz, his fights are fucking awesome and you’d be a fool to miss his match on facebook. A fool, I say!

Cole Miller: Yeah, Cole will probably never be a contender but he’s been beating his past few opponents like they raped his mother or something. Win or lose, he always fights to the hilt.

Karlos Vemola: Formerly the great European heavyweight hope, now finding success at light heavyweight. Who needs his first name – he’s just known as VEMOLA. He had a serious frate train running before dropping his first fight in the UFC … let’s see if he can get that shit going again on Sunday night.

Odds and Ends

Sometimes UFC matchmaking is bad for people lookin to sportsbook their way to riches and bitches. Most of the matches on this card are so close you’re looking at a lot of guys going around +115, and where’s the fun in making bets like that? Where are the exhilarating +600 odds from old Strikeforce fights?

Headlining fight Dan Hardy vs Chris Lytle is basically a coin toss with Hardy at -110 and Lytle at -120 (probably because he has more tools … whether he decides to use them is still something we’ll have to see).

As usual I loves my parlays … a 100 dollar bet on Lytle, Jim Miller, and Joseph Benavidez nets you 312 bucks. Yeah, maybe you wanna take someone other than Chris, but you see what I’m getting at. There’s guys on this card who are expected to win. String em together for fun and profit!

Awards predictions:

Fight of the Night: Ben Henderson vs Jim Miller
Sub of the Night: Charles Oliviera
KO of the Night: Cole Miller