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The Fightlinker Guide to UFC Fight Night 25

Our guide for tonight’s Battle on the Bayou is going to be shorter than usual and just focus on some of the lesser known athletes on the card. No, not the complete unknowns since there’s literally nothing to watch on them that will tell you anything about how they’ll do in the UFC. But the guys you should know … well, we got you covered there.

Who the hell is…

Dongi Yang: Yang is a Korean judoka who’s been toiling away in the prelims for the entirety of his UFC career thus far. His first two fights against Chris Camozzi and Rob Kimmons (both already out of the UFC) have been nothing to write home about, although with his KO win over Kimmons he earned himself a spot as the third best Korean in the UFC. What, there’s only three Koreans in the UFC? Oh well. With his cardio issues, meh striking, and loose ground game I’d be amazed if he manages to defeat Court McGee.

Erik Koch: Erik Koch is another guy who’s been toiling away on the undercard of the UFC but the difference between him and Yang is that his fights are so good and fast that they get featured on the PPVs. Koch has been on a brutal little tear lately with his past three fights lasting only 7 minutes total. He’s another Duke Roufus guy with crazy attacks and fight finishing power and he just might be THE NEXT BIG THING at featherweight. A fight with the tough and experienced Brookins should tell us more.

Jake Ellenberger: Ellenberger is one of those guys people have been sleeping on for a while now – he was supposed to have his coming out party against Jon Fitch back in February but fight shuffling killed that fight and instead Jake ended up fighting relatively unknown Carlos Eduardo Rocha instead. For all the great things you can say about Ellenberger’s brutal knockout / pulverizing power and his wrasslin’ skills, the Rocha fight showed us he’s still susceptible to jiu jitsu and working off his back.

Keep an eye open for:

Cody McKenzie: Sure, he’s a one trick pony, but he says he’s been working on his overall game and patching up his holes. Anyone crafty enough to lock in 12 guillotine wins in a row is someone you gotta watch out for. It should be interesting to see how he fares against Vagner Rocha, a jiu jitsu who was only brought into the UFC as a late replacement.

Evan Dunham: After he beat Tyson Griffin, people started talking about Evan Dunham like he was the future at 155. A close loss to Sean Sherk and a quick knockout from Melvin GUillard, and he’s fighting for his UFC career against Shamar Bailey on the Facebook prelims. He shouldn’t have too much trouble though … Bailey doesn’t exactly have a bunch of tools in his box while Dunham has the advantage in striking, wrestling, and submissions.

Some rising star: Or maybe not. The facebook prelim portion of this undercard is a motley assortment of injury replacements, raw newbies, guys who lost their UFC debut, and TUF rejects. Maybe Lance Benoist will be the real deal. Robert Peralta also has a nice string of submissions and KOs against no-name opposition.

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