Tito Ortiz walks us through the end of his fight with Rashad Evans:

“I tried to get my body up,” he said. “My mind said, ‘Get up,’ but my body wasn’t doing it. The ref said, ‘Protect yourself.’ I had my hands up, I tried to get up, the heart said, ‘Get up,’ the mind says, ‘Get up,’ but the body doesn’t react to it. Rashad was the better man.”

Gif via Iron Forges Iron.

Awards were 70k a piece and went to:

Fight of the Night:Rashad Evans drubbing Tito Ortiz
KO of the Night: Vitor Belfort
Sub of the Night: No award cause there were no subs. Boo this man!
Enemy of Man Panties: Brian Ebersol, and yes, he really got 70k for taking Dennis Hallman and his nasty banana hammock out.

MMA Fighting has pics up, including shots of blond new girl, TransWorld Motocross Guest Octagon Girl Chrissy Hubbard.

Sounds like Dana White is super serial about hating Dennis Hallman’s teensy tiny shorts:

“I’m seriously pissed off at the guys who work us who let him walk out with those things on,” White said.

White suggested the employee (or employees) responsible could be terminated. Additionally, Hallman, who had won two straight fights before his first-round TKO loss to Brian Ebersole at UFC 133, appears headed to the unemployment line.

“I’ve never been so embarrassed being in the UFC,” White said after the event, which took place at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.

White said such skimpy bottoms are now officially banned from competition. But it’s not just because they’re revealing; he said they’re also simply not functional for an active and close-quarters sport such as MMA.

As a few key eagle-eye TV viewers noticed during one ground scramble, Hallman’s groin was briefly exposed.

“I thought we had some common sense, at least a little common sense,” White said. “That was a really bad moment. I was horrified.”

Here’s a question for Dana White not asked at the post-fight press conference: how long have you been on your period and when is it going to end?

Charles Barkley, fresh out of Obama’s Hip Hop BBQ, visits UFC 133. NO JOBS CREATED!

[youtube lhwP7xZpxOU]&feature=player_embedded


Dana White talks Yoshihiro Akiyama with Karyn Bryant. NO MOTORBOATING HAPPENS!

– On Yoshihiro Akiyama and the possibility of getting cut: “Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I have been terrorizing him to go to 170. He can make 170… I just have so much respect for the guy. He’s my Japanese Arturo Gatti. I respect him as a person and as a fighter. We’ll see what happens.”

Maybe if you weren’t so busy staring at Dennis Hallman’s junk you’d have noticed his ‘blown up’ elbow, which he says he injured on Wednesday.

[youtube 3HmJGU5pw9s]&feature=player_embedded

The press conference for those of you who didn’t catch it live. Part 2 and 3 over at MMA Mania.

Zapruder evidence of Dennis Hallman’s TRT enhanced testicles. Uncensored here. Admit it, it was the most interesting thing that’s happened at a UFC event since Brian Ebersole’s hairrow.