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It’s good that Fedor is back to his winning ways, but let’s not pretend they aren’t his winning against cans ways. While M-1 looks for more easy prey to rebuild their man, Fedor spent his weekend winning the 2012 Russian Sambo Championships. We’ve mentioned in the past that Fedor showing up for these things is like Barry Bonds showing up at a t-ball tournament, but that was before Fedor screwed up and got outpointed by Blagoi Ivanov at the 2009 World Championships.

Who knows if he’ll have problems at this year’s world championships (or if he’ll even go), but he certainly didn’t seem to have many problems with his Russian competition. That’s even though he got matched up against fellow Red Devil and 2010 / 2011 Russian sambo champ Kiril ‘Baby Fedor’ Sidelnikov and his own brother Aleksander. Those hoping for some edge of your seat samboing will be disappointed. It looks like Sidelnikov let Fedor win and so did Aleks – a regular happening in competitions like this when teammates meet up. The finale to Warrior it was not. WATCH THE DEADLY OMO!

Footage of Fedor’s other sambo fights after the jump, plus footage from the times Aleks actually tried to beat his big brother during matches.

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And now some decent Fedor vs Aleks sambo matches:

[youtube c2LjHQ3-78A]
[youtube 6ZsKjcaaxMA]