Never believe anything a fighter says leading up to a fight. Or anything regarding how they feel or how preparation is going. Because before hand you’ll hear stuff like “Kenny Florian on Cut to Featherweight: I’ve Never Felt Better.” Then afterwards you hear stuff like this:

“Dropping to the featherweight division was way too much for my body to handle,” said Florian. “The Diego Nunes fight was the worst I’ve ever felt on a weigh-in day. Luckily, I felt better on fight day and was able to pull out a victory.

“But, against Aldo it was a brutal weight cut, and I really didn’t feel too great heading into the fight. In result, I had some medical issues I had to deal with. I had a thyroid issue that was based on the drastic weight loss.

“Those are the things you kind of ignore as a fighter, but it became very real to me after the fight. I’ll now be moving and staying at lightweight.”

Goddamn. I guess that ends our dream of Kenny competing for the bantamweight title. Now he has to deal with something that’s normally the domain of elderly women. If he needs any advice or support, I can talk to my mom for him. It could be worse. There’s some evidence to suggest that crazy cutting can lead to problems with testosterone production, which of course leads to fighters needing that much ballyhooed TRT treatment. Will Kenny have to start taking steroids?