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Apparently the Culinary Union’s New Years Resolution included ‘Keep harassing the UFC’, because they’ve just put out another press release targeting UFC stuff in Toys’R’Us:

Remove UFC Action Dolls from Toys “R” Us Stores

Part of a parent’s job is to attempt to teach our children to value and respect the dignity of every human being. It is also necessary to struggle to keep children safe. We do not need toys that glorify famous athletes or entertainers who choose to promote hatred, intolerance and violence with their words.

Everyday women must struggle against violence, as well. Allowing or glorifying this behavior of bullying, uncontrolled anger, and using hate speech against other human beings IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

By selling UFC Action Figures, and by purchasing them, a message is sent to children and people with anger issues that this behavior IS acceptable. IT IS NOT. I believe in freedom of speech. I believe that parents are responsible for the choices they and their children make. However, by selling these cage fighting toys, Toys “R” Us, and by UFC, allowing their fighters to say these mean, hateful, violent, intolerant things at their fights, they are sending a message to children that it is acceptable to behave this way. I ask that UFC and Toys “R” Us be responsible for NOT promoting this behavior.

Past attempts to hit at the UFC’s bottom line with these kind of campaigns haven’t been all that successful. FOX ignores them on a regular basis. Their attempt to brand Mandy Moore as the Whore of Babylon for being a UFC fan hasn’t caught on. Bud Light continues to market its pornohol through our barbaric sport. And while the Culinary Union was quick to take credit for the end of Marine Corps sponsorship, that had more to do with an unrelated Congressional bill stopping all military sports sponsorship.

Still, it ain’t all ineffectual press release attacks. The Culinary Union was behind an attempt to rewrite the way MMA in California was regulated, and are still the driving force keeping the UFC out of New York City. They also continue to get a lot of mileage out of their accusations that Dana White and the UFC are anti-gay, which is ironic considering MMA has to be the gayest major sport out there. So this Toys’R’Us thing isn’t all that big of a deal, but it does show that the Culinary Union is still chugging along in 2013 trying to trip the UFC up however they can.