It’s taken a while but the whole ‘Culinary Union fucking with the UFC over owners’ refusal to unionize casinos’ story is starting to get picked up. A lot of articles last week regarding New York took note of the Culinary Union’s role, and now the Wall Street Journal has a pretty big story focused on it.

The bill has passed the state Senate four years in a row only to be bottled up each time by Mr. Silver. Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle is the bill’s lead supporter and he has 63 co-sponsors out of 150 members. But even he can’t get a vote past Mr. Silver, who won’t explain his opposition.

UFC has tried to work behind the scenes, but it has more or less been told that the price of getting into New York is to bow to the culinary union. Specifically, the union wants the Fertitta brothers to declare their neutrality in any election and let the union onto their properties to organize via a non-secret “card check” tally. That means potentially subjecting employees to union intimidation, and the Fertittas have understandably refused.

Oh, and did I mention the article is heavily slanted towards the UFC’s side of the argument? Good on em though, getting the word out about the Culinary Union. I’ve found the Union’s entire campaign trying to gin up controversy amongst gay rights and anti-violence against women advocates to be about the grossest thing ever, and their ability to block legislation they don’t like from a democratic vote is pretty disturbing as well.