The California State Athletic Commission has always been a bit of a mess, but many of us outside the state thought it’s worst days were over after incompetent nincompoop Armando Garcio was removed as CSAC head after dipping his pen in the company ink. How foolish of us to think that. Fight Opinion’s Zach Arnold has been covering the CSAC’s latest meltdown, which involves:

That mad cash is the reason the CSAC is finding itself in money trouble, and get this: rather than pay local part time inspectors a fraction of the money to cover events, the CSAC has been paying crazy overtime to select commission employees, whose hourly rate starts the second they step out the door to head across the state for an event. You know all that stuff Republicans are always saying about irresponsible public sector spending? Yeah, this is that in a nutshell. But rather than fix the problem by removing cronyism from the equation and using more part time inspectors, the CSAC is currently considering cutting the number of event staff in half.

No one knows how all this will end, but there’s several meetings and lawsuits upcoming that are guaranteed to shake the CSAC up even more. According to Arnold, there’s a huge power struggle underway between the CSAC and their umbrella department the Department of Consumer Affairs. Heads are already rolling and changes are on their way. Whether they’re good or bad for MMA in California has yet to be seen.