Well, you can kiss any chances of Chael Sonnen being the next TUF coach goodbye. He’s about to learn why being a compulsive liar is bad news, especially when you’re under oath:

Chael Sonnen has been placed on suspension by the California State Athletic Commission and will be brought in for a hearing on 5/18.

The suspension is based on charges that Sonnen lied in his December hearing about having been cleared by Keith Kizer and the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding an exemption to use testosterone in fights in that state.

Kizer noted the day of the hearing, while watching it, that he had never spoken to Sonnen in his life.  Sonnen and Kizer did meet in an attempt by UFC to get him licensed in Nevada to coach the next season of Ultimate Fighter, and Sonnen admitted never meeting with Kizer, saying that he thought Matt Lindland, his manager, had spoken to Kizer on the subject.  Kizer said Lindland brought the subject up, but never followed through nor did Lindland or Sonnen ever apply for an exemption.

And how serious could this be?

Coupled with questions regarding the veracity of Sonnen’s testimony, Dodd is concerned the 34-year-old fighter is bringing “discredit to the mixed martial arts community,” which is grounds for indefinitely suspending his license.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that basing your defense around an obvious lie involving another commission head would result in action. But what can I say … athletic commissions have been so lax and lazy in the past that no one would have been shocked if the issue never came up again. It has been 5 months since the lie, after all, and I didn’t hear anyone making a fuss over it. I had just assumed the Chael situation got lost in the shuffle of a CSAC meeting after a motion to have an early lunch at Chili’s passed.