Oh shit. Hot on the heels of Ronda Rousey landing a role in the upcoming Fast and Furious movie, we now have Ronda admitting that her time fighting in MMA may be shorter than originally expected. How short? Like another two years, according to her estimates:

“I said from the beginning that I wok in quadrennials,” Rousey told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). “I do four-year cycles. I think I’ve got two years left in me, realistically, if I’m going to do this like an Olympic run.”

“I just had 50 hours of driving to reflect, which is one of the reasons I love road trips so much because no one can f— with me, and I can just talk and organize my thoughts and think,” Rousey said. “I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up that I can’t talk to you about.”

“I think one profession has a much-longer shelf life than the other,” Rousey said. “My last fight, I was kind of forced to face my mortality a little bit. I had an air of invincibility about me, and I was kind of forced to realize statistically there is a chance you could get permanently hurt or even die. There’s only so many times you can roll the dice.

“I am the best f—ing fighter in the world, and I truly believe that, but you’re still rolling the dice no matter who you are, so I do have to kind of set up an exit strategy. That’s what I did wrong in judo. I followed it all the way until the end, and I didn’t put any thought into after.”

“I really want to do something special, and I really want to be the person that was able to do both (acting and fighting),” Rousey said. “When I feel like I’m done fighting, I’m done fighting. But I’m not done fighting yet. It’s still my priority, and I feel like if I can have three jobs on the side and still train and fight, then I can every once in a while go do a movie. I’ll still train while I’m there and then go fight.

“This is actually less of a workload than I’ve dealt with before, so I’m really actually very appreciative for how s—ty things were when I was first started because when things have gotten harder as we’re going along, everything just seems so doable. Nothing really compares to falling asleep on the 405 and smashing your face in. That’s what real exhaustion is. I can handle this s—. I get a trailer.”

“I’d say two more years, so I’ve got two more years to get the ball rolling without me,” Rousey said. “‘TUF’ was the first step. It’s not the last one, but the work’s getting done.”

And now this puts me in the uncomfortable position of rooting for her to fail a little in her extra-curricular activities. And it’s not totally a selfish thing because I want to see her fight in the UFC for longer. It’s out of concern for the women’s division should she leave before it is fully established. If it is still the Ronda Rousey division when she hangs em up to concentrate on whatever lucrative projects Hollywood throws her way, we may see the UFC scrap the whole experiment or at least pare it back substantially.

WMMA is so close to being an established thing, but it’s not there yet. I can only hope she’s willing to put the extra strain on her time and effort to stick around until things are cemented. It’s a lot to take on her shoulders, especially considering the lack of support she tends to get from other female fighters. But it would leave her with a better legacy than a couple of hacky lines in The Expendables 3.