Time to announce the winners for the Century MMA doodle contest! After consulting the jackals and then praying to almighty Cthulu for guidance and dark sexual powers, we’ve got our winners. For the three t-shirt / fight shorts / hat packs, we have:

Undertaker confronts Brock by bLacacideviL. The true superstar of this drawing is Ariel.

Rob’s doodlage of James Toney’s Excellent MMA adventure. Rob also doodled Rampage’s “I can’t believe I decisioned Machida” face.

Iampheonix also does double doodle duty with his James Toney doodle and the Brock / JCVD Cock / Off movie poster.

Now onto the two extras fighting over hats:

Conebone69’s MS-paint work makes me wish that damn Ricardo Mayorga / Din Thomas fight had actually happened.

Lukustra’s interpretation of Shields / Mayhem. I was there live for that one and while I think Miller was looking a bit more frustrated, everyone in the crowd was definitely snoozing

Honorable mention goes to Reverend Clint, who’s Shields / Hendo fight is also shockingly accurate. But since he’s on staff and we send him crap semi-regularly, we decided to exclude him from this contest. Just like Santa excludes him from Christmas every year.

Big thanks goes out to our friends at Century MMA for sponsoring this contest. They’ve got a bunch of cool stuff at good prices, and if you’re struggling to figure out what to get someone, a nice warm MMA hoodie ain’t a bad idea.