The Natural talks about his role in the 2005 movie No Rules, one of the best worst MMA movies ever made (which is saying a lot):

Then, in my second movie project, I got to play a lead bad guy in a straight to DVD thing called No Rules. It had some interesting people in it. It had Tom Sizemore, who was just out of jail from the Heidi Fleiss situation, and he needed the cash, so he did the movie. Pam Anderson did a cameo because her brother wrote the script and it was his directorial debut. They were huge fans of MMA, so they brought in Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland and a lot of other guys into the background of that movie. It was a fun project, for sure.

I guess if you can respond to an attempted rep-rape by Dana White with ‘Thanks for all the free publicity’, describing No Rules as ‘a fun project’ isn’t too hard either.