The Las Vegas Review Journal has a new article where Forrest Griffin, Frank Mir, and Wanderlei Silva share their thoughts on Christmas. Because when you need an opinion on holiday cheer, it’s just natural to ask a guy nicknamed “The Axe Murderer.” Wanderlei’s responses are exactly what you would expect from a man who has made his living beating the shit out of people in brutal fashion, but the result is amusing nonetheless.

Wanderlei on family:

I haven’t spent Christmas with my family in five years.

Wanderlei on what Christmas means to him:

It’s like another day.

Wanderlei on shopping for presents:

I don’t have time to shop.

Wanderlei on Rampage Jackson:

I can’t wait to beat him down.

Long story short, Wanderlei Silva hates Christmas. I heard that he once soccer kicked a mall Santa for asking him what he wanted. Rumor has it that the sound of laughing children causes him to vomit in violent fashion. He reportedly kicks the TV in everytime “It’s a Wonderful Life” comes on. While everyone else kisses under the mistletoe, Wanderlei delivers knees to the head. He bakes razor blades into the cookies his kids leave for Santa. He eats reindeer meat for dinner during the entire month of December just to be a dick. He’s the goddamn grinch except meaner and uglier — and that’s why we love him.