Did you know that the Ontario Athletic Commission claims the unnecessary burden on the Canadian health care system as a key reason for keeping mixed martial arts out of the province? Keep that in mind when you read this Sportsnet story about Jason MacDonald nearly dying back in 2000. Was it from fighting? Nah.

His ski clipped the obstacle and he went flying into a rock poking up from the ground.

“They call it avulsion. It peeled (the skin of) my skull right back. Yeah it was horrible,” MacDonald said.

He felt a trickle of blood down his nose and thought his goggles may have cracked, causing a cut. But when he took his hat off, the blood started spurting.

Not surprisingly some of those with MacDonald panicked at the gruesome sight. But one friend, Edmonton paramedic Rob Young, knew what to do. He ripped off his T-shirt to cover the wound, applied pressure and figured out what to do next.

“He said you’re going to have to ski out or you might not make it out,” MacDonald said.

Someone had gone ahead so medical help was waiting at the bottom of the hill. A “foggy” MacDonald somehow made it down.

MacDonald, who also broke his eye socket, had two drains in his head to relieve the pressure.

My brother is a first responder at a small ski hill over the winter, and every day he takes people (including lots of kids and old fogeys) to the hospital with broken limbs and cracked skulls. So it drives me nuts that the retards in Ontario are using the ‘tax payer’s health care burden’ as a legitimate excuse for not permitting MMA in Ontario. There are tons of ski hills out there, assholes! Or as I like to call them: DEATH SLOPES. Why don’t you do something about those instead of getting in the way of our human cockfighting???

Anyways, I just wanted to point out that cool J-Mac nearly dying story and remind everyone that MMA is still banned in the biggest province in Canada for gay reasons. Peace out!