I’m sure you’ve read on other sites that Evan Tanner is tentatively booked for a match in the UFC around September. What you probably haven’t heard is that Evan is living in a leaky boat (a double masted ketch rigged sailboat to be precise) with his totally hetero lifemate of the moment ‘Garth’:

I don’t know how to sail. I don’t know the first thing about boats or how to sail one. I’ve never even set foot on a sailboat until this one. Not only do I not know how to sail, I’ve only been on the ocean once. Now I may be considered crazy and reckless by the majority, and I would have to agree. I am a little crazy and a little reckless. How else could I have so much fun? I don’t know anything about the ocean, boats or sailing, but it’s okay. I can learn. All a person has to do is BELIEVE and anything can be accomplished. I believe, so I will accomplish. So here it is, the challenge. I have thirty days to fix the engine and learn how to sail a double masted ketch rigged sailboat.

Is it just me, or is this whole story sounding more and more like a bad Owen Wilson / Vince Vaughn movie? At the moment, I give Evan a 50% chance of successfully staging his UFC comeback. The other 50% chance goes to him drowning off the coast of California. It really could go either way at this point.