(Is Dom Waters gonna have to KO a bitch? I think so)

The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 debuted this past Friday night and based on the amount of forum chatter and site breakdowns, a lot of you didn’t even bother to check out the elimination round episode. Which is too bad because it was pretty good – some great knockouts and a lot of sweet sweet jitz. So to make sure you guys don’t miss anything, we’ve put together a little gif gallery featuring the best moments and finishes from episode one. The rest after the jump!

Sam Alvey one punch KOs the unfortunately named Leo Kuntz

Bristol Marunde tells George Lockheart a bedtime story

Colton Smith ‘representing the military.’ YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

Former TUF coach Cameron Diffley teaches Zane Kamaka a lesson in jiu jitsu

Eddy Ellis arm triangles the shit out of David Michaud

Joey Rivera bounces his knee off Saad Awad’s skull