So it’s official: Pedro Nobre has been released from the UFC. It seems like that influx of Strikeforce fighters will also bring with it several weeks worth of ruthless firings as well. Nine fighters were released last week and Nobre was one of four other fighters released today. Here’s an interview with Nobre about the incident, back when he not only still had a job but felt good enough about his security with the UFC to expect a rematch with Iuri Alcantara.

You had to go to the hospital after the fight. How are you now?

I’m better; the doctors said I had a soft tissue injury, but nothing serious in the skull or brain. I have to wait to see how long the UFC medical suspension will be, but I’m fine.

What do you remember about the fight? Did you feel the blows to the neck?

I went to the hospital with a bad headache, and, in my mind, I had suffered a technical knockout. I was very sad for the defeat. When I was in the Octagon, [they] asked me what I felt, and I said I had a huge pain in the head, and I couldn’t walk or open my eyes. At no time during the fight did I complain about blows to the neck because I was almost knocked out and did not know where the blows were coming. And nobody asked me if I could continue, they just asked what hurt. Then I thought I had lost it. Only at the hospital did they tell me that it had been ruled a no contest. It was a bad thing to have taken the victory from Iuri, but when I reviewed the fight, I saw that the blows really came on the neck. It is illegal, so the no contest was fair.

Man, I don’t know about that. He spent the entirety of his act rubbing, pointing to, and basically highlighting the fact that he had been hit in the back of the head. But let’s try to see it from his perspective for a second. Maybe he really was knocked senseless and his endless writhing and head holding was legit. Then it sucks to be him because he just become the first UFC fighter in the history of the sport to be fired for faking an injury.

(“Uuuuh … you still alive, bro?”)