Allowing Khabib Nurmagomedov to beat the toothpaste out of Thiago Tavares wasn’t Dan Miragliotta’s only shining moment during UFC on FX 7. He also botched up the Yuri Alcantara vs Pedro Nobre prelim fight by ruling it a No Contest over some pretty borderline shots to the back of Nobre’s head.

Pedro was all too happy to milk the call for all it was worth. He lay writhing on the canvas for over a minute before the fight got called and doctors led him back to the locker room. Sure, it may not be very objective to just assume the dude was faking it, but … he was faking it. This was some soccer level shit and everyone knew it – the crowd in the building, the viewers at home, and worst of all for Nobre, Dana White:
When asked at the GSP vs Diaz press conference what he thought of Nobre’s performance, he reiterated “I think he’s a fantastic actor. Did you hear he’s walking around Brazil with a neck brace on right now?” As to if we should expect to see Nobre in the UFC again, Dana replied “I doubt it.”