The UFC is typically pretty full of good ideas. A a company full of major superfans who get to do whatever they want in the sport, their interests typically line up with fan interest pretty evenly. Sure, some of Dana White’s ideas are dickish (Vitor vs teammate Rashad), but they’re still pretty cool. Most of the time. Last week White floated the idea of Nick Diaz vs Lyoto Machida and the internet voiced a collective ‘Whut?’ Now he agrees with that sentiment:

“That was a bad idea,” he said. “The Diaz-Machida thing I was—I’m going to throw Joe SIlva under the bus again. That was Joe Silva’s idea. It was a bad idea.” When asked if the decision to pull the fight off the the table was due to Diaz’s refusal to accept it, White made it clear that that wasn’t the case. “No,” he said. “Diaz didn’t turn it down. There’s other things going on with Diaz.”

Hopefully other things like other better fights and not other things like Diaz being a giant pain in the ass who won’t fight at all. Getting Diaz into the cage now that he’s a millionaire (“That’s like … a billion dollars dude” says stoner Diaz) is going to be like coaxing a fawn out of the woods with a carrot. Why waste one of those coaxings on a fight like Machida, where you know Machida would circle away for three rounds while Diaz would be stuck throwing some mean but ultimately ineffective double fingers? Never mind making Diaz – a welterweight – fight Lyoto – normally a light heavyweight – at middleweight.

If we’ve only got so many Diaz fights left, let’s use em up by crafting some guaranteed slobberknockers. We already know where Nick stands in the general listings – somewhere around the top five but not championship material so long as Georges sits atop the throne. The only interesting ‘relevant’ fight would be Condit. But there are a lot of FUN fights out there for Diaz. Machida ain’t one of them, but I’m sure Dana and Joe can figure something better out this time.