There’s a pretty horrible story about two Lloyd Irvin martial arts school students who raped a fellow teammate on New Years Eve. They offered to help her home after a party but instead took her up into a parking garage where they repeatedly raped her. It was all caught on camera, and it looked just as awful as it sounds. And as if that story isn’t bad enough, it led to the revelation that Lloyd Irvin himself may have been involved in a gang rape case back in 1989.

The fates of two men charged in the alleged gang rape of a 17-year-old Hampton University student last fall will not be determined until at least Monday.

Circuit Judge Robert W. Curran dismissed a jury of six men and six women at 7 p.m. Friday after they deliberated about four hours on whether Terrence C. Gatling, 21, and Lloyd E. Irvin Jr., 20, are guilty of rape.

Gatling, who was a junior at HU at the time of the incident, and Irvin, who was a junior at Bowie State University in Maryland, are charged with raping an HU student who had been on campus about six weeks. Gatling also is charged with sodomy.

Irvin said that having sex with a “freak” was not one of his best ideas of fun, but he did not oppose it.

A random Lloyd Irvin black belts with no insider information at all offers up a slightly more Lloyd-friendly interpretation of what went on that night:

The trial from 1990 is news to me. This will sound blunt and maybe offensive, but it sounds like a “train was run” on a dirty whore that got to feeling guilty. Bad judgment? hell fuck yes. But not rape. I know this is a touchy subject and I have daughters too. …”

Jeez, that’s the kind of talk you’d expect out of an Indonesian judge, not an educated North American’s mouth. But lest you think his ‘blame the victim’ angle holds any water, keep in mind 7 of the 9 men involved were convicted of rape. Irvin only got off because he convinced the jury he was impotent when his ‘turn’ came up. It doesn’t sound like they thought she was a willing train participant.

The only point of confusion: no one can 100% confirm that the Lloyd E. Irvin in this story is the same Lloyd E. Irvin who has trained fighters like Dominick Cruz, Phil Davis, and Brandon Vera. Gang Rape Lloyd was attending Bowie State University in Maryland when this happened. So was MMA Lloyd. Gang Rape Lloyd and MMA Lloyd are also the same age. And for some reason, MMA Lloyd hasn’t just come out and said “It wasn’t me.”

I kept waiting for MMA Fighting or MMA Junkie or Sports Illustrated to confirm ‘yes, it’s the same Lloyd’, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. Lloyd is lucky the Lindsay Lohan business is good right now and TMZ’s attention is elsewhere. But sooner or later this thing is going to resurface.

Irvin isn’t the only one holding his breath … imagine how it feels to be the judo official Ronda Rousey accused of sexual assault! If Ronda goes all crossover star and that story comes up again, whew! Not good for him. Or the people at US Judo who may have done one of those creepy ‘swept under the rug’ things.