[youtube 5Fe0AaVDzQs]

Vinny Magalhaes totally got screwed out of Submission of the Night at UFC 152 – sure, Jon Jones showed he knows how to pull off a perfectly executed americana on a half dead Vitor Belfort, but Vinny’s armbar setup and execution in his fight against Igor Pokrajac was the tits. Topping both of those though was Vitor’s near-armbar of Bones in their fight. Sure, he didn’t manage to finish with it, but when you shred a dude’s arm and almost win the fight I think a little detail like Jones not tapping shouldn’t take away from our appreciation of the attempt.

Let’s relive the moment, both with a video from the Gracies (and Al Bundy) walking us through what happened. And of course for you giffy yiffers: