Adalaide Byrd wins the award for worst score delivered at UFC 155: 30-27 Guillard, in contrast to the other two judges who saw things 30-27 to his opponent, Jamie Varner. It’s the kind of score that makes you pray there was some sort of tabulation error or maybe she mixed up which fighter was which. Alas, that hasn’t been revealed as the case yet so we’re left with the determination that Byrd is incompetent.

Dana White ranted about the situation after the event:

“The fight capital of the world,” White practically spit. “30-27 Guillard. It’s unacceptable. It’s a joke. It’s literally a joke. Seriously, the athletic commission must want to dig a f—in’ hole and bury themselves when someone says 30-27 Guillard. They should want to dig a hole and bury themselves.”

“It’s decisions like this and the 30-27 Guillard tonight that just, it does kill you. People think that it’s us. A lot of people aren’t educated on the fact that the Nevada state athletic commission actually picks these people and allows them to keep judging fights.”

“It’s unbelievable,” he said. “30-27 for Guillard? Crazy, right? You could never watch a fight in your f—in’ life and not score that 30-27. That was scary, I mean, Cain Velasquez had to sweat it at the end when they called that decision. You never know with those guys. It happens. These guys are crazy.”

The only positive thing here is that the wrong person didn’t end up winning, but that’s a small consolation considering Byrd will be back in action again and again and again without any kind of discipline from the NSAC or investigation into how she managed to turn in a scorecard so inaccurate she might as well be Helen Keller.

If the commissions aren’t going to hold judges accountable, it’s time for MMA media and fans to do it for them. Every time a judge fucks up an obvious score, we’ll be making note of it here, and hopefully after several months it will be clear who the shitty judges are. My only fear: it’s the vast majority.