You begin to understand why Dana White hates it when people talk about fighter contracts when guys like UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson start voicing their displeasure after hearing what Eddie Alvarez was offered to leave Bellator. There was more of that kinda crap yesterday when rumors popped up about Ronda Rousey making 75k/75k per fight and while that figure is apparently bullshit, Sports Illustrated does have one tidbit about Ronda’s contract: has learned from a source close to the negotiations that Rousey has signed on to fight six bouts instead of the initially reported eight.

Rousey’s team wanted the shorter deal, the source says, because her camp believes her celebrity — and thus, earning power — will skyrocket with each win. The greater her popularity, the more leverage Rousey will have to command more money. The shorter contract will allow her to renegotiate and cash in more quickly.

That’s all contingent on Rouseymania catching on, which isn’t exactly the surest bet in the world. Even if Ronda Rousey continues taking names and armbarring bitches, the lack of any decent challengers could quickly dull the appeal of tuning into her fights. We’re coming up on her very first fight and her opponent was basically picked at the 11th hour because there was no one else for Ronda to fight. Not exactly the most promising start in the world.