After using improved wrestling skills and his already world-class jiu-jitsu game to defeat the much larger Kendall Grove this past weekend at UFC 101, Ricardo Almeida will be taking the next step in his MMA career as a member of the welterweight division. From MMAWeekly:

I definitely feel 170 is the better weight class for my body right now. The plan is after this fight to definitely go to 170. The guys down at 170 are a lot quicker, a lot more movement than the guys at 185. At the same time, they’ll be a little bit smaller. I won’t be having to deal with guys that have like a six-inch reach advantage on me.

While Almeida is dropping from 185 to 170, former welterweight prospect Tamdan McCrory will be doing the opposite by instead moving up a weight class. Almeida is heading to his new division with a win in his last fight. McCrory, on the other hand, isn’t as lucky, having been on the wrong side of a close split-decision with John Howard. From his Facebook page:

The rumors are true, but it is not a bad thing. Going to get back on my Thunderhorse and take the Middleweight division by storm. No worries.

A move up in weight could be exactly what the doctor ordered for the world’s most dangerous nerd. Thus far the 6’4″ fighter’s UFC career has been up and down as he has followed every victory with a defeat. A move north could re-invigorate the Barn Cat’s career or it could spell disaster. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.