Those of you busting Herb Dean’s chops for the awkward stoppage during Struve / Hunt, cut him some slack! He was legit planning on forcing Hunt to come back and finish the fight proper when Struve communicated to him that his jaw was fucked up. How fucked up? Just take a gander at the above x-ray. Some extra info from Struve himself:

“Thanks for the support everybody. I wanted Herb to take the tooth out of my cheek and continue but then it turned out my jaw was broken,” wrote Struve after the fight. “45 minutes to the hospital without painkillers. Man, please choke me out. Jaw is hurting like crazy.”

“Couldn’t bring the energy I normally can else I would have definitely moved away from those bombs. My legs felt like they were 300 pounds,” he added.

The 25-6 Struve went on to explain the medical staff in Japan wired his jaw shut, though the injury would require surgery later this week after he settles back in at home in Holland.

“Flyin home with a face like a balloon,” Struve joked.

Struve took a crazy number of power bomb shots from Hunt without losing consciousness, which should put to rest the accusations that he has no chin. He obviously does (cracked and broken as it is), he just doesn’t defend it properly at all. Perhaps eating all his meals through a straw for the next four months will encourage him to work on that.