A rumored fourth fight between Tim Sylvia and Andre Arlovski is NOT happening on Reboot ProElite’s second show as some were reporting. Instead, the two will face different opponents on the same card:

The main event is expected to be a heavyweight bout between former UFC champion Tim Sylvia and three-time UFC heavyweight title challenger Pedro Rizzo. Additionally, fellow former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski will fight Travis Fulton, regarded as the busiest fighter in MMA history with more than 300 career fights.

Sylvia and Arlovski on the same card sets up the possibility for a future meeting between the two, which would be their fourth fight. Arlovski won their first bout, taking the UFC interim heavyweight title at UFC 51. Sylvia then took the belt from Arlovski with a first-round TKO at UFC 59 and defended it at UFC 61 three months later.

Though a published report says Sylvia and Arlovski will meet on the Nov. 5 show, ProElite’s head of fight operations T. Jay Thompson confirmed to MMA Fighting that Slyvia-Arlovski will not take place on that day. Additional sources told MMA Fighting it will be Rizzo meeting Sylvia – and that Sylvia-Arlovski IV is not in the promotion’s current plans, but could be targeted down the road. It’s a fight Arlovski, 1-2 against Sylvia, has wanted for some time.

It’s been five years since Sylvia / Arlovski III stank things up in the world of MMA – if Worsties had been around back then, it would have won Worst Fight of the Year. It was also the beginning of the end for ol Timmy, who locked in a new boring ass style of keeping guys on the outside and coasting to decision wins. I’m sure Andrei Arlovski wants to avenge those two losses, but I don’t know if fans are feeling the matchup. Even the possibility of a dramatic end to the ‘How taste my pee-pee’ saga isn’t enough to justify a fourth match between these two.