We’ve all heard about certain supplements being a little too effective – yknow, instead of just having anabolic properties they actually contain anabolic steroids. But here’s a new one: one supplement has just been found to have a chemical analog of meth in it!

The U.S. dietary supplement company Driven Sports received an award as the year’s best new supplement company for its performance enhancing product ‘Craze’ from one of the world’s largest online forums for gym training, Reviews were also heard in Sweden where Craze was praised by supplement retailers in Sweden and has become a best seller – it is sold online and in stores around the country. Users online describes the product as follows:

“Totally insane”
“Thunder honey”

But what is really in the performance-enhancing dietary supplement Craze? The product according to its users provides endless energy and increased focus, where a workout for several hours is carried out without any problems.

To find out, SVT V√§stnytt decided to analyze dietary supplement with the National Laboratory of Forensic Science, SKL and after five weeks of investigation has this result. “In this material we found substances chemically similar to amphetamine and that probably would have similar effects to amphetamine,” says Anna Stenfeldt Henning, Head, Drug Analysis Unit, SKL.

Several of the amphetamine-like substances were recognized by SKL, but a substance, N-ethyl-1-phenyl-2-butylamine was previously unknown to them. The substance turns out to be a so-called derivative of the drug methamphetamine, and are so similar that it is doping classified according to the World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA.

Once you know the stuff is basically meth with a few tweaks to the chemical structure (the same thing that was done to create the ‘legal’ synthetic weed Spice), reading reviews on it become pretty amusing:

The first time i took Craze, it was quite an adventure. The feeling is hard to explain until one experiences it for themselves. Music also sounds ridiculously amazing when I’m on Craze. Just always be productive while on this stuff because it’ll kick and mess with your thoughts.

just got some yesterday; and I must say that sh1t is the real deal 2 scoops and I was owning the gym only problem was i didn’t wanna leave

ive tried many preworkouts and thought that assault was the best cause i got really good energy and pumps . but craze blows everything away . i have never been so focused in the gym EVER on anything . and the energy is different . its like a mind muscle connection type energy very hard to explain . the pumps are really great as well .

The focus you get from this pre workout is second to none. I had tunnel vision throughout the entire workout, it was insane.