It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Indian promotion Super Fight League … to the point where we’re legit concerned that the Bollywood stars behind it are sick of shoveling money and time into their strange pet project. That may still be the case – their last event was in December and there hasn’t been a peep since regarding future shows – so why not get some commemorative deodorant spray before the league disappears entirely?

That’s right, the promotion has released a triforce of scents upon India, and who am I to suggest this isn’t a totally awesome tie in? Lorenzo Fertitta insists that India is going to be the next big MMA hotspot, so I obviously don’t know enough the market to say whether body spray is in huge demand too. It certainly fits into many racist stereotypes about the country. And if Randy Couture can do it, why not outsource his idea to India?

(via MiddleEasy)