(pic via the very awesome UFC 137 photo gallery at UFC.com)

At the very, very least, I need to commit to giving my Jackal brethren (yep, you’re stuck with me again – deal with it) card wrap ups that they can bring up in 6 months to point out how wrong I was.  So, without much further ado… the first installment of Subo Says.

-Carlos Condit becomes the most recent fighter to see his title shot derailed by one Nick Diaz.  Nick’s previous shafting of a fighter expecting a bout for the belt was more direct; whilst holding Strikeforce’s trinket belt, Diaz skipped a pre-fight drug test ordered by the CSAC, killing Jay Hieron’s title shot (upon which his signing with Strikeforce was predicated) and receiving neither sanction nor punishment from neither promoter nor commission.  

This time, Diaz’s admittedly impressive performance (and post-fight non-brawling) was enough to set GSP (and, by extension, Dana White) into a tizzy, and Condit has now been informed to skip that whole waiting-for-your-title-shot thing.  I don’t like it one bit. Now, Carlos Condit probably fights Jon Fitch (who would beat Nick Diaz like a drum), while Diaz is rewarded for failing to fulfill his contractually obligated media appearances with… another title shot.  If I’m Jon Fitch, I’m starting I “don’t be scared homie” campaign yesterday.

-Cheick Kongo gets to keep his job as official UFC HW gatekeeper, and Meathead goes back to the drawing board.  I didn’t think rounds 1 and 2 were written in stone as Kongo rounds, but I can’t whine about the decision.  Hopefully we get to see Kongo annihilated by the Overeem-Lesnar loser.

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-My boy Cerrone feeds off of your hatred.  Disparaging his TapouT cowboy hat or his delusional ramblings about making 145 (Donald, I love you, but that’s never going to happen, buddy) is like spraying lighter fluid onto your ex-girlfriend’s possessions: it might make you feel good in the moment, but it’s not exactly extinguishing the fire, and you’ll never be able to get back those photos of her naked you accidentally destroyed.  Good call – now the immolated remains of pictures you took while she was sleeping are “in the mix”.

-If you had told Mirko Cro Cop or BJ Penn ten years ago that they’d retire on the same day in 2011, they’d probably say “man, I must have had one helluva career.”  And both did.  None of this “Cro Cop got exposed in the UFC” or “BJ Penn choked in every big fight” revisionist bullshit this time around.  The game just passed them by.  The top fighter in 2003 just ain’t gonna be the top fighter in 2011.  By the end of Barack Obama’s second term (slam dunk, to my nervous Canadian friends), we may have seven completely different champions.  That doesn’t mean today’s champs suck.

-Eliot Marshall deserved a draw, if not a win, in his bout against Brandon Vera.  The first was razor close (I gave it to Marshall) and the third was arguably a 10-8.

-Bartimus pulling back his right hand to give it extra juice before he KO’ed Tyson Griffin was really, really funny.  Go back and watch it again if you missed it.  Griffin is 1-3 in his last four and came in fat; I’d be nervous if I were him.

-Hatsu Hioki is still really, really good, you guys. I promise.