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In what shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, Dana White is still unsympathetic to the large swathes of fans who don’t get FUEL TV. Via CagedInsider:

“People are bitching about fights being on Fuel. How about the fights not being anywhere. How about nobody being able to see the fights. How about that. Because that’s the way it would of been if we wouldn’t have been with a big company like Fox.”

“They spread our programming across all their platforms. You know FX isn’t even a sports network, and they put us on FX. The people at FX welcomed us with open arms and worked with us to help build the show and do all these different things. The experience over there has been phenomenal. They kept every word they ever said to us and I’m excited about Fox sports one.”

This is where Dana White needs to chill out and realize fans are allowed to be pissed when they can’t watch an event. They went from being able to see everything on Spike and PPV to trying to figure out if an event is on FOX or FX or FUEL, and don’t get me started on trying to sort shit out if you live outside of the US. Maybe if this was baseball or basketball, missing a few games here or there wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But there’s usually only two UFC events a month. And so far this year four events have been on a network with a third of the exposure as Spike.

I get that this is a transition phase right now, and in the end FOX Sports 1 will be everywhere and UFC events will have a solid reliable home that people can find easily. But we’re not there yet, and fans have a right to bitch a little about that. It’s not the worst problem in the world the UFC could have – people really wanting to see more of their stuff.