Just to cheer up your day, here’s more quotes that make it quite clear to me that we’ll probably never see Anderson Silva vs Georges St Pierre or Jon Jones. First, GSP talking about Anderson:

I always want a challenge depending on weight classes. I know you talk about Anderson Silva, but the thing is, I weigh 190-pounds. I know Silva weighs 230-pounds. He’s a pretty big guy. Listen, if the opportunity and the timing is good, everything is possible. It would be either a jump or we would meet in the middle.

But don’t forget, I don’t want to sound bad, but Anderson has a big fight with Chris Weidman. Chris Weidman, I know him and believe me he’s the top guy Anderson Silva has ever faced. For me, Chris is my friend, and I believe he’s going to win.

Now, Anderson’s coach talking about Jon Jones:

Rogerio Camoes, one of Anderson Silva’s trainers, believes the UFC middleweight champion should face Jon Jones. Camoes, however, sees it more as a culminating bout in the career of “The Spider.”

“I would like to see this fight against Jones,” said Camoes, during a recent interview with Tatame. “I wanted to see this as his last career fight. He wins and retires.”

Georges talks about the timing needing to be good, and I don’t see better timing than right after his fight with Johny Hendricks. If after that he continues to wax philosophically about some future date where the fight may finally make sense, I’ll just consider that one a lost cause and never write about it again.

As for Anderson saving the Jones fight for the end of his career (something a former manager of GSP’s has suggested Georges wants to do for Anderson), that doesn’t sound like a very good plan either. First, Jon Jones has had an eye on moving up to heavyweight for a while now and is running out of contenders at 205. Maybe the jump wouldn’t stop Anderson Silva from challenging him (Andy has talked about heavyweight himself in the past, crazy bastard), but it certainly throws another obstacle in the way.

Then there’s the point that these are all best laid plans. As Georges mentioned, Chris Weidman could very well get on top of Anderson and win their fight. And if that happens, there goes both superfights, or at least the mega-allure of both as they exist right now. Hendricks is also the best stylistic matchup GSP has ever had to face. Jones is the only guy currently not in the crosshairs, and even then we all saw him almost get tapped by Vitor Belfort.

Simply put, the opportunity is there. The time is now. The UFC and fighters need to stop looking to the future and start planning for these superfights now, or we’re going to look just as dumb as boxing did when Pacquiao v Mayweather died an ignoble death.

(pic by Mark J. Rebilas via USA Today)