So as more details come out, things are getting more and more confused regarding the Quinton Jackson situation. Rumor is now that Rampage wasn’t booked into jail because he was “medically unfit” for booking. Past reports from the police say that drugs and alcohol were not suspected, so does this indicate that Rampage was suffering from some sort of health issue that had him burning rubber to the hospital? Luke Thomas goes so far to point out that Quinton may have been sleepwalking due to prescription meds, a retarded example to be sure but one that does highlight the crazy things pills can make you do. But typically cops don’t care if it’s crank or boner pills that are causing you to flip out … drugs is drugs, and they said he didn’t seem to be on drugs.

At this point I’m going to do what any concerned fan would do: start a betting pool on what Quinton’s excuse is going to be. Me, I think he’s going to say he thought he was having a stroke. What’s your guess? Mental breakdown? Cops spook him with their guns? Someone told him he had a bomb under the truck a la Speed?