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Cesar Gracie recently said Nick Diaz would accept a much hyped fight with Jason Mayhem Miller if Miller met him between their respective weightclasses at 178. Many thought this was the opening needed to make shit come together, but that would be too simple and actually make the fight happen. Here’s Mayhem:

“That’s saying no. He’s saying no. Cause he knows i can’t make that weight he’s like huh lets see how much weight the can’t make and then tell him that – 178. You go ahead and lose like 30 mounds in a month. But it’s so ridiculous. I’ll fight Alistar Overeem, he’s just gotta make 190. That’s it. It’s ridiculous, they’re saying no. Scared, homey. He’s fought at 183 a bunch of times. We’ll do it there. That’s cool with me, let’s do it. It’s just ridiculous, they’re saying no. They’re saying no!”

Why does every major fight in Strikeforce feel like it’s got about the same odds of working out as the Israel / Palestine peace process? Here’s a suggestion: Compromise, dickfaces. Nick’s fought at 180 before (not 183 as Mayhem claims). Have the fight there, and if either guy is going to make 2-3 pounds a dealbreaker then they should both just shut the fuck up.