After seeing some pics of Cris Cyborg hamming it up with Zuffa brass at the fighter summit, I was hopeful that maybe she’d be rescued from the fight limbo she’s been in since her contract expired back in June 2010. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Here she is on Twitter:

“Hi My dear fans, want to fight too soon, but not dependent on me. This very difficult to renegotiate with scott. They’re not appreciating all I did for the event. I am very sad, but I will not give up. God has another purpose in my life…Maybe I fight the world jiujtsu not going to be the way you like with many punches…but I will give my best to make you guys like it.”

Great to see the commitment to women’s MMA right there. Cris Cyborg is the clear #1 at 145 and arguably the best pound for pound fighter in women’s MMA. Yet she can’t get a new contract sorted out. Now maybe she’s asking for ‘too much’, but consider this: she got paid 15k/15k plus a 5k ‘champion bonus’ for her last fight. To put that into perspective, Nik fucking Lentz makes 15k/15k per fight. On the Strikeforce side, her win and champ bonus put her just ahead of what Trevor Prangley made when he lost to Tim Kennedy in under four minutes.

Meanwhile, Cyborg was a team player when Strikeforce needed her to be. She accepted that huge fight with Gina Carano while being paid peanuts and the fight was one of the biggest that the promotion was able to pull off. Now how do they reward her? By leaving her twisting in the wind when her contract comes up for renegotiation. Being the champ basically fucks her over now because she can’t go anywhere else. So now she’s taking her balls and going home … to compete in jiu jitsu tournaments. Total fucking bullshit.