Stephen Thompson was sizzlin hot sh*t coming into his UFC debut, and he’s even hotter now that he karateka KO’d his opponent Dan Stittgen at UFC 143. I’m gonna go ahead and wait until he manages to pull some of this stuff off against a higher level welterweight like Rich Attonito or Justin Edwards before jumping on board completely, but how can you not be hanging off the back of the Wonderboy wagon after Saturday night? Here’s Thompson blogging his thoughts on how everything went:

I felt very calm once the fight started and I felt as though Dan Stittgen felt really nervous almost like he didn’t know what to do. I think I may have had him confused because my stance is so much different than what most fighters are accustomed to dealing with. The average MMA guys have a boxer’s stance which makes it easier for a wrestler when they try and take you down. I tend to stand sideways and that gives them only one leg to shoot for, it tends to make it more difficult to try and take me down.

Having Georges St. Pierre walk out with me to my corner really helped me out. He doesn’t walk out with just anyone and I was like whoa, you’re going to walk out with me! He said he wanted to be there for me and I have to tell you that I felt honored; I thought that was really cool. I was a little nervous and excited at the same time to get started, and GSP came in and gave me some really good advice. As soon as I walked out there I knew what I was there to do and once the cage door closed I knew it was just me and my opponent. I didn’t hear anything or anyone else.

As far as the actual in ring action is concerned it took me awhile to get going. As I said before I train to block everyone out but my coaches. The combination that I landed to end the fight is called “The Money Maker” and it’s something I used a lot in kickboxing. I heard one of my coaches shout show me the money and I threw the combo and I didn’t realize I hit him until I heard a big pop and saw him go down. I kind of knew he was out, but I wanted to make sure so I went to finish him. Then I heard the ref instruct me to back off and I thought to myself, did that just really happen. There are really no words to describe the feeling that I had.

The move’s name proved very apt, as it landed Thompson 65k, five times more than the 6k/6k the Wonderboy was set to make off the fight. It’s too bad there’s no bonus for Kickass Spinning Backflip of the Night too.