Benson Henderson just announced that he’s signed a new deal with the UFC:

“I’m very excited to let you guys know that Dana White & Lorenzo Fertitta aren’t tired of me yet…proud to announce that I just signed my new contract which will keep me around for at least 8 more fights… This deal made me think long term & what it all means & what I’m here for…Am I really doing all this just to buy stuff & pay my bills??? Or do I have this platform/stage for something more??? I hope I can use these few years to really inspire, introduce, encourage & do some of His will…I hope I can do all this with my actions & not just my words….”

A few days ago Bendo was grumbling about his 39k/39k paycheck after news surfaced that Eddie Alvarez was set to come into the UFC at 70k/70k. Maybe the UFC and Henderson’s management have been hammering out details on a new deal for a while now. Or maybe UFC brass saw Benson’s complaints and agreed it seems a little whack that their dynamic and exciting lightweight champ was making less than all his challengers.

(pic via MMA Memes)