John Makdessi karate’d the shit out of Sam Stout at UFC 154, peppering him with kicks and landing two or three punches for every punch Stout stepped in to throw. It was a masterful display of countering, but Sam’s ego decided it had less to do with skill and more to do with Makdessi running away the entire fight. Makdessi fired back with his own accusation: SPYCRAFT!

You know, I showed him a lot of respect before and after the fight. People don’t even realize two of his closest friends, Chris Horodecki and some other guy, were training at TriStar the whole time I was. I kept my cool and didn’t say anything, and was respectful to those guys, too, even though they were spying. The whole time I was in training camp, they were eyeballing me. My guys were telling me, ‘These guys keep looking at you man.’ You know what, they could look all they want. I didn’t really care. I mean, one of the guys I was training with ended up cornering him. I’m not stupid. I knew that guy was probably going to go back and tell him some tips as to how I trained. I was just focused on what I had to do with my own gameplan.

Spying or just the reality of training at a supercamp? Especially THE Canadian supercamp. It still seems a bit crazy to me that the guys at Tristar wouldn’t set up some sort of schedule to avoid these kind of conflicts, but I guess they’re kinda blase about their fighters appearing on UFC prelims now.