I’ve got some interesting boxing news for you and surprisingly enough it doesn’t involve the sport shooting itself in the foot for once:

RingTV.com is reporting that Top Rank Inc. and cable channel Spike TV are working on a deal to produce a weekly, 36-show boxing program, which could help Top Rank get better coverage for its fighters on a more widely-watched outlet than Fox Sports Net, which tends to preempt their shows anyway, and would help Spike replace the UFC programming they recently lost.

Most likely this would be a series similar to Top Rank Live, which currently airs on FSN and Fox Deportes, as I wouldn’t expect Spike to be going in deep on money to produce big fights. At its best, Top Rank Live produces some very good shows with lower-weight fighters in action bouts, and gives looks at prospects like Mercito Gesta or Diego Magdaleno.

Oh Fox Sports Net. Sounds like MMA isn’t the only combat sport on that network constantly getting screwed by the long shaft of stick and ball sports. Now boxing has a chance to maybe do something interesting on a channel that could draw in some new fans. The big question is if the fights on the show will be interesting enough for the average Spike dude to watch. I’ve tried to enjoy boxing several times but find the sheer number of terrible matches are just too much to bear. I’d rather set my nuthair on fire than watch a bad 10 round decision.